Online Rich text editor with built in Amharic Input Method

Online rich text editors are editors that work from a browser software. They are useful to get comments from your visitors, edit your web page, do a basic word processing online …

In this post I will indicate how you can easily setup your own basic rich text and enhance it a bit so that you can have a pre-built Amharic Input Method functionality.  I used a simple markup editor, markitup! the input method you can add on top of your markup editor can be easily setup from this website. You would love their desktop application Keyman Desktop too, check their website.

The major drawback to this simple editor is, it’s not meant for an offline use. I will come up with a simple editor for offline users on the next few weeks. Check the demo here and enjoy.

Currently has an issue on Chrome and IE, only works on Firefox. Working on to resolve it.

Click on the screen shot to visit the Demo


4 thoughts on “Online Rich text editor with built in Amharic Input Method

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. After searching a lot of sites for ways to use amharic on wordpress, this is the only concrete solutions I have got so far. So thanks again.

  2. Hi Abush,

    Your blogs are great. I am now looking for a best way to use the Amharic keyboard on Linux since this has been an overlooked issue for a long time. The Amharic keyboards you find on Linux do not have a correct character display. I will see if Emacs can help out.


    • Thank you Asteway. Am not sure I understand you what you mean by character display, but I got one thing that bother me on Emacs, it didn’t get the character “አ” right, when ever i try to write አ all i get the Tigregna version of it (which i was unable to write now). Any way let us know which one you find it more closer to what you’re looking for.

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