LAN File Sharing and Automated Backup

There are plenty of free and paid services out there to help you sync, backup and share your data, but if you like to provide this from within your organization’s LAN or for your family at home, follow up:

Of all the years I worked as a system administrator one thing I cannot get right or fail to love is taking backups. Most of my plans I placed on action to automate this task simply failed, and I hate telling people to take their own backup on time, it simply never works. People forget, take the wrong backup or it’s too technical, so why bother?

Until recently I come across ownCloud, a DropBox like optionally self hosted application which make my routine backup a breath.

ownCloud has two parts, the admin (server), and the desktop/other devices application. The server will handle all the work and the client will handle the “talking with the server” part of the whole process. All the user has to do is place his/her important documents inside a dedicated folder, then forget it. The Desktop application will sync any change, manage change and record versions.

It is not easy nor fun to setup a self hosted intranet ownCloud but the final result will just make you a happy admin.

ownCloud (the server) is not a desktop application, so there is not installer that you can run, you need a working Webserver to run it. Preferably XAMPP/LAMPP. I always think making a windows based PC as a backup server is not a wise decision (for the obvious reason), it’s always a good idea to have Linux Boot PC (I recommend NAS4Free).

I will not go into detail on how to setup a NAS4Free box nor a PHP and Apache configuration in this post, there are
good video on youtube.

After configuring the server side, go on install client applications on each PC and start syncing, a live and up-to date backup
will be available with version control, activity logging, file sharing, integrated video and music playing….


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