Installing Viber on Android from Play Store in Ethiopia

The search result page for Viber app on Google Play site look like this:

Play Store Search

Because Viber is a restricted app in Ethiopia you won’t find it on Google Play. So installing it is a bit tricky.

Luckily there are solutions, and the idea is simple, the first solution is to trick the Google Play store site in thinking you are in Europe or any other country where the app is not restricted,  the other solution is to manually download the app and install it.

Here are the steps:

Option 1: Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app 

  1. Open Play Store and search for the app “DroidVPN”
    This is the application that will trick the app store site in thinking we are somewhere else than our actual location. This is a great app if you would like to access restricted sites too.
  2. Register your account on DroidVPN and start the service (you should be connected)
    Note: to check you’r successfully connected to the service, open up your browser app and browse to this should show you an IP address other than Ethiopian’s. Usually the Ethiopian IP address start by 213.55.x.x If the location says other than Ethiopia (et) you can continue to the next step.DroidVPN1
  3. Go to Settings > App/Application Manager > Google Play Store Network Services > Force Kill then Clear Cache respectively
  4. Open Play Store and Search for Viber. This should get you the proper result.

Option 2: Manually installing your app

  1. Google your app usually appending an .apk at the end (viber.apk download )
  2. If googling doesn’t help this site may could be a good choice
  3. Copy it to your phone using a PC or if you download it on your PC it will prompt you to save it or install it, choose install

The second option seem easy but not safe, I suggest you go with the first one.


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