Reading and Writing Amharic on iPhone

If you ever try to visit sites with Ge’ez fonts, chances are you will either get page full of small boxes or question marks. Until recently some sites start to embed fonts which solve the problem.

The problem is that Ge’ez font are not included in system language characters map in operating systems like iOS by default, so the browser will understand the character code but the font image is missing, little boxes will be presented instead.

Wikipedia home page in Amharic

The Official Home Page of Wikipedia in Amharic Language. Viewed from iPhone, iOS 7+

Though I did not check, chances are there will be apps in iTunes store or Play Store to solve this problem. What I will give you today though is a quick fix, a temporary solution where you can use to read your text or write paragraphs.

For example, if I want to read the above wiki page, I will copy the desired content and past it here. Since fonts are embedded with this page displaying geez characters properly won’t be a problem.


First select the text and copy


Then open the page on another tab


Past the content on the text area here.

This is great, but what if you want to compose your own text, or email? Simple the text box is also useful for writing, just clear the content and start typing, you will get Ge’ez text.


Useful even if you want to type on a PC, just visit the project demo site at

If you like to post on facebook, twitter or anywhere else, just compose your ge’ez character here and past, don’t worry about the boxes, the message will be seen, on most devices except iOS.



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