Ethiopian Banks Exchange Rate Crawler – Open Sourced

Today I retire one of my small side project I wrote Last year as learning practice for Python text manipulation. I wrote this simple script so that it can crawl on a given set of bank’s website and pull current exchange rates for USD, Pound and Euro. As an additional feature after it finds exchange rate it will post the result on twitter. Connect your twitter with facebook you can post the same thing on Facebook too.

I used this script to post so many exchange rate information at it’s dedicated twitter page @fiseha6. Now it’s retired. Rates will be there for historic reason only.


The script utilizes pythons urllib and a simple find method.

Hoping it may somehow will be useful for some people I put the source code on Github, clone your copy here.

Note: I remove the access token and authentication details I made with twitter (please don’t expect out of the box twitting functionality), if you would like this script to work flawlessly you need to register your own application with Twitter API and gain access token, consumer key and other details …


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